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This 200W solar kit has the performance of a standard type 250W panel due to the high efficiency C60 Sunpower cells this is made with and is 25% of the weight and 25% of the space when compared to a standard 200W folding type panel.Maxeon® Solar Cells: Fundamentally better ,  Engineered for performance, designed for durability

Primus has developed the ultimate high performance, super-efficient, compact and lightweight solar power solution for campers to go further and stay longer. The 200W models utilise the Sunpower™ C60 cells which produce up to 30% more power than conventional type solar cells currently available.

The efficiency of these cells is unmatched with the 'Busbar' grid lines moved to the back of the cell providing an uninterrupted all black surface to absorb more sunlight than conventional cells. The Sunpower™ C60 cells are also built on a solid copper backing making the cell virtually impervious to corrosion and cracking. Couple the Sunpower™ C60cells with our advanced technology 15A Digital Smart Charge Controller you get a power source solution that will give you years of trouble-free performance


  • 22.5% highly efficient Sun Power™ monocrystalline C60 solar cells
  • Ten 20W panels using six Sunpower™ cells per panel with solid copper backing
  • Compact and lightweight –  200W 6kg
  • Heavy-duty 900D outer material
  • Carry handle with non-slip rubber grip


  • 12V digital, 5 stage 15A PWM weatherproof Smart Charge controller
  • Compatible with GEL, AGM, Calcium or WET Batteries
  • Large 45mm LCD screen displays real time battery voltage, charging current and charging capacity in amp hour
  • Push button menu with settings memory


  • 200w Folding blanket solar panel
  • 50A heavy duty Anderson plugs
  • 5m twin core extension lead
  • 0.8m extension lead with battery clamps
  • Smart Charge Controller


What is the performance of your solar panel dependent on?

The first factor influencing how much electrical energy you will generate is the size (otherwise known as rated power) of your solar panel. A larger panel ( more watts ) will produce more electrical energy (just as a bigger car engine has more grunt).But if we move past the obvious impact of size, the amount of energy your solar cells produce depends on how much fuel they are fed (just as the amount of energy a car engine will produce depends on how much petrol you pump into it via your foot on the throttle). In the case of solar cells, their fuel is the sun.

The amount of sun your solar cells are exposed to (and hence how much energy they will generate) depends upon:

The orientation and tilt of your installation (which you always try to optimise but depends on the situation)

Whether there are shadows cast over your panel (due to trees, buildings etc)

The number of daylight hours (governed by where you are located in Australia)

The intensity of the sunlight (governed by where you are located in Australia )

The number of hours of full sun vs cloudy days (governed by the weather)

If we exclude the first two factors, which you have a degree of control over, your location in Australia is the primary variable dictating how much energy your panel will produce. Hence, say a 100 watt system in Melbourne will typically not produce as much electrical energy over the year as the same system in Alice Springs.


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