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Essential Camping Clothes You Should Own

The clothes you bring for your camping trip should be appropriate for the weather and the length of your journey. So as well as preparing the right camping equipment and recreational gear, you should pay attention to your outdoor clothes. Proper camping clothes can help protect you from the harsh elements of the natural environment. What you wear depends on whether you will be exposed to a cold or hot climate. For summer camping trips, you should bring clothes that will prevent you from overheating under the sun. For winter camping trips, you will need clothes to keep you warm, such as thick socks and an anorak. You may also need to bring waterproof clothes if rain or snow is expected.

PX Wholesales is a retailer that specializes in quality camping gear for all your adventures in the Australian outback.

We’re not just a 4WD online store though. At PX Wholesale., we stock a great range of outdoor clothes for both men and women. From shorts and tees to muck boots, we have a vast array of products featuring all of the most reputable brands. Being 100% Australian-owned and operated means that our staff is well placed to understand the clothing needs of outdoor enthusiasts in Australia. PX wholesale is not just an online retailer, customers can contact us directly or come to our showroom to discuss matters face to face with our friendly staff. Our specialists are always on hand to chat about the specific benefits of our camping clothes and camping boots. We’ll ensure you find all of the right apparel to ensure your next adventure in the Australian outback is memorable for all the right reasons.


If you are looking to purchase camping clothing online, PX Wholesale has you covered. When it comes to outdoor clothing, we offer all the best brands on the market on our website. There are many big names we carry, including Muck Boot and Swanndri. PX Wholesale delivers across the country so whether you are looking for outdoor clothing in Melbourne or in Brisbane or in Alice Springs, we’ll be able to get those to you in a flash. We have plenty of positive feedback from happy customers all over Australia that can testify to the quality of our products, high standard of service, and quick turnaround times.


Must-Have Outdoor Clothes and Accessories

Going on a camping trip is a great way to spend time with your friends and take a break from your busy schedule. To ensure that these trips are as safe and comfortable as possible, investing in high-quality clothing items is a must. From boots to hats, you will need to upgrade your wardrobe to make sure it is suitable for camping.


Blankets & Bags

When heading off on an outdoor adventure, campers will naturally need a bag to transport items around. We’ve got you covered there with a range of bags in a variety of styles. From tote bags and overnight bags and messenger bags, you’ll certainly find something that’ll suit your needs and style preferences. Another must-have on any outdoor adventure, be it a picnic in the local park or a hike in the hills, is that all-important blanket. Our blankets are not just durable and aesthetically pleasing but are compact and easy to store.


Bush Shirts and Jackets

After sunset, when temperatures drop, a good quality anorak is a must-have item of clothing for any outdoor adventurer. At PX Wholesale we’ve got an excellent offering of options when it comes to anorak jackets for both men and women. Available in a range of styles and fits, there is sure to be an anorak jacket for every camper. It doesn't matter if staying dry is your top priority or staying warm in Merino wool is more your style, PX Wholesale has an impressive selection of outdoor coats. Bushshirts are another essential item for anyone spending time in the outback. Here at PX wholesale, you can find your perfect bushshirt.


Muck Boots

When it comes to the great outdoors, having the right footwear can make or break one’s experience. Check out our range of muckboots online. Whether you are after a pair of waterproof camping boots or stylish cowboy boots we’ve got something to meet your needs. All our camping boots are made of top-quality material and are designed to withstand the pressures of the various terrains they may come up against during an outdoor excursion. If you are going on a camping trip in wetlands, muckboots are a must-have to keep your feet dry, warm, and protected. PX Wholesale offers muck boots that are also great for hunting and messy working conditions, such as those experienced on a farm.


Camping Boots

Camping boots are essential for people who like to spend their time outdoors. Not only do they provide your feet with protection from rough trails, but they are also great for keeping your feet warm in winter conditions. For camping trips in warmer conditions, owning a pair of cowboy boots can be ideal. These types of boots are great for transitioning from walking to horse riding. They are comfortable and provide excellent support for your feet without making you feel too hot. Cowboy boots also can be quite trendy and suitable for everyday wear too.


Anorak Jacket

This piece of clothing is perfect for those going on cold and wet camping trips. An anorak jacket is waterproof, comes with a hood, and usually has a fur lining. It is designed to keep you warm and dry during your outdoor camping trip. PX Wholesales has a range of anorak jackets with and without fur linings so you won't feel too warm or too cold. Check the breathability and waterproof ratings to find a suitable jacket for your trip and the weather conditions. You may also like to find one that has high neck closure to give you extra protection from the elements.


Socks & Gloves

With PX Wholesale's fantastic range of socks and gloves, you'll stay warm on those cold days and chilly evenings. There are many different types of socks we offer, including dress socks and technical socks made from high quality Merino wool. Our gloves are available in a range of style options too. From fingerless gloves that will allow you to use your cell phone or more durable grip gloves. We’ll ensure you’ve got the right protection to keep your hands safe and warm while outdoors.

Belts are also a great addition to your camping wardrobe. Aside from keeping your trousers up, a belt might come in handy as camping gear if you need to tie something shut. Another thing you should bring is t-shirts that you can wear under your jacket.


Tees and Singlets

T-shirts and singlets are essential items on an adventure packing list. Make sure you have enough layers by perusing through our extensive range of tees. We stock a range of fashionable yet comfortable t-shirts and singlets for both men and women. Our tees are made of high-quality breathable fabrics that will ensure you stay feeling fresh throughout the day regardless of the weather.


Trousers & Shorts

PX Wholesale stocks a broad offering of trousers and shorts that are designed with the great outdoors in mind. Whether one is looking for a pair of waterproof work pants or a pair of cargo shorts for their next hike, you can be guaranteed to find some brilliant durable options. We’ve got plenty of options in both our men’s and women’s outdoor clothing sections, so you are bound to find your perfect fit at PX Wholesale.



A camping wardrobe is not complete without those essential accessories. At PX Wholesale, you'll find a wide variety of accessories for men and women, including belts to prevent shorts from falling down.


Tips for Packing the Right Summer Camping Wardrobe

When going on a camping trip during summer, the weather may be unpredictable throughout the day. The temperature may drop at night, and you will need to be prepared to deal with all the elements outdoors. Here are some tips to help you pack lightly and efficiently for camping.

Prepare for Sunny Days

During the warmer times of the day, you will feel more comfortable wearing just shorts and a simple t-shirt. This outfit will keep you cool under the sun. Just make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen to avoid getting burnt.

Check the Weather

Even though it may seem like a cloudless day, the weather can be unpredictable and change suddenly. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast before going on your camping trip, as well as each day on your trip. This will give you insight into what to bring and what to wear each day. For example, if the forecast says there is a chance of rain, make sure to bring a waterproof coat like your anorak jacket.

PX Wholesales offers a wide variety of camping clothes perfect for any kind of weather you may encounter on your next outdoor adventure.

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