Camping & Outdoor Gear

Ask any avid outdoor adventurer, and they'll tell you that having the right camping gear and outdoor accessories have the power to make or break a trip. So, if you are planning your next adventure into the Aussie outback and are looking for top-quality camping accessories, you've come to the right place.


Shop Our Range at PX Wholesales

When it comes to camping equipment that'll make your time in the bush more comfortable, the sky is the limit. And, at PX Wholesales, you'll be spoiled for choice.

Our stock of camping and outdoor furniture will be sure to take your experience to new heights, featuring an array of hammocks to ensure you'll get a decent night’s sleep while being at one with nature. We also have a brilliant range of camping coolers so you can ensure all your supplies will remain chilled. Whatever you need to make life easier in the great outdoors, you are bound to find something perfectly suited within our extensive product catalogue.

For those planning on hitting the trails, our extensive range of hiking gear for both men and women will ensure you'll be comfortable no matter how technical a climb may be. Investing in a good-quality backpack is the best place to start when shopping for outdoor gear. PX Wholesales stocks a wealth of camping packs in various styles and sizes that will allow you to safely store and carry all your hiking accessories while you are out adventuring.


Why Shop at PX Wholesales?

At PX Wholesales, we stock a broad range of reputable outdoor brands and quality outdoor and camping products. Among these, you'll find all those essential hiking accessories, as well as pretty much anything you may need for your 4x4 adventure. We have several specialists on hand to discuss the benefits of our products and share tips on enjoying your next outdoor adventure.

What's more, if you've decided to venture further afield and visit more distant parts of our beautiful country, we've got a good supply of travel books and maps which will certainly provide plenty of inspiration for your next adventure trip.

If that isn't enough to tempt you to shop with us, then you might be pleased to learn that PX Wholesales delivers across the country. So no matter where you are in Australia, we'll be able to help you when it comes to all your hiking equipment, camping gear and 4WD parts. With PX Wholesales by your side, you can rest assured you'll have everything you need to make your next camping excursion a memorable one for all the right reasons.

So are you ready to get the most out of your next camping or hiking trip? Then shop today at PX Wholesales for all your camping and hiking gear!

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