Hydraulic Winches

Hydraulic winches are devices that pull or lift heavy loads without a power battery. Though they have the same use, this winch does not operate the same way as standard electric winches. Instead, they use liquid pressure, hydraulic systems, and a motor pump to power the winch.

Hydraulic winches for trucks are made for heavy-duty use, not just for 4WD vehicles but also tractors, fire and rescue vehicles, and more.




High Performance

You'll be surprised by how powerful 4x4 hydraulic winches are. In fact, you can use them for longer periods without overheating, unlike your standard electric winches. This capability also makes them very ideal for pulling heavy loads and operations with tight time constraints.


High Efficiency and Strength

The hydraulic energy allows these winches to transmit greater efficient force to lift heavy objects. In addition, they are designed to exert consistent strength, even after a long working period. As a result, you won't need to allow for downtime, saving you a tonne of time to get the work done.


No Battery

Hydraulic winches do not need a battery or a generator to work. Moreover, they can conveniently run for hours without a hassle. This is because the mechanism of a hydraulic winch operates on fluid pressure. Hence, you won't have to worry about power issues when working with a hydraulic winch.


100% Waterproof

One of the best features of 4WD hydraulic winches is their ability to function even underwater. In addition, you won't have any fears of getting electrocuted or damaging your winch if you are using it during heavy rain, since it has no electrical components. They can even function effectively when partially or wholly immersed in water. Moreover, hydraulic winches are rust and corrosion-resistant, meaning you'll be enjoying using them for a very long time.


Safer to Operate

Hydraulic winches are incredibly safe to operate; they do not have any electrical components. That's why the risks of fire hazards and electric motor stalls are not possible.


Durable and Robust

A hydraulic winch is quite durable; and a proper maintenance routine can make them last for a long time. Also, these winches have components that are designed to minimise wear and tear, enabling them to last longer. Such features include a drum lock system, automatic breaks, an emergency stop button, and an over-travel prevention system.


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