4WD Storage Solutions

Portable Fridge Freezer

Do you love camping trips with your 4WD? By now, you'd probably know that packing is one of the critical elements for a successful trip. It's essential to keep your things protected and organised in a way that is easy to access in times of need. Imagine spending an hour rummaging for your recovery equipment when your 4x4 is sinking into the mud. Not very ideal, is it?

To help you organise your next adventure with your 4x4, we've listed our ultimate storage solutions for a hassle-free camping trip. So whether you're traversing through a dense forest or rocky mountains, you'll have everything you need in your 4WD storage.

Nothing can be more relaxing than enjoying the scenery while downing a fresh sandwich paired with an ice-cold beer, especially after an exhausting trail. That's why it's important to keep your food and drinks fresh during your trip, and your icebox won't cut it. Instead, you'll need a portable fridge to keep your food and drinks fresh and cold for the whole trip.

Portable Fridge Accessories

A portable fridge may be practical, but it can be tricky to store since it can be bulky. You'll be needing these accessories to keep your fridge accessible and your camping gear organised:

Fridge Barriers

Fridge barriers are designed to protect your portable fridge from shakes and bumps while keeping your storage space organised. They are adjustable according to your fridge and storage size. It also allows you to stack things around your fridge while still maintaining ventilation and accessibility.

Fridge Drop Slides

Fridge drop slides glide out smoothly from their stowed position and descend to 30 centimetres for easy access. The mechanism will keep your fridge perfectly horizontal the whole time. It gives you fridge access at a practical and safe level before you stow it back in one easy motion.

Fridge Straight Slides

Fridge straight slides give you easy access to your fridge by simply sliding it in and out of your vehicle. It has a flat mounting base with a multi-position latch to keep the fridge secure at all times. In addition, its roller bearings have a lock-in/lock-out mechanism that keeps the fridge in one position no matter what angle your vehicle is at.

Drawer Systems

Packing all your essentials into your vehicle for your camping trip is good but not good enough. If you struggle reaching for your tools and equipment or to grab a cold beer, then you need a solution for your clutter. Drawer systems provide a more organised and efficient way to organise your items in your 4WD. They can house all your camping gear and personal things like tools, recovery equipment, a first aid kit, and more. Each drawer has a handle, so it's easy to pull out and access your things. In addition, these 4x4 drawers can be placed in different ways, whether stacked or side-by-side, so you can practically organise your things any way you like.

PX Wholesales stock only the most trusted brands in Australia. We recommend Outback, MCC, and MSA drawer systems for durable, high-quality storage options.

Cargo Barriers

If you need to emergency brake or experience a collision, having your cargo thrown forward can be extremely dangerous and will likely cause injuries. That's why a cargo barrier is vital for any 4x4 adventure.

The cargo barriers keep your cargo away from you and other occupants. Once initially installed, the cargo barrier can easily be removed and put back another day. In addition, your 4WD may have multi-position fittings installed so you can adjust the barrier according to your needs.

Rack Dividers

Rack dividers are used to create more storage options for easier organisation within your 4x4. It allows cargo to be safely stored adjacent to each other.

Roof Console and Organisers

Roof consoles are the best organisers to store your essential communication equipment within arm's reach. You can store your radio, microphone cable, and more overhead in your roof console and increase your storage space.

Long Range Fuel Tanks

A long drive requires a steady amount of fuel but sometimes going off-road means no service stations nearby. While jerry cans let you carry enough fuel for your trip, they can be heavy and take up a lot of space. Long-range fuel tanks enable you to replace your main tank or add an auxiliary tank for more fuel capacity. So no more stopovers just for petrol, nor bulky jerry cans for that matter. Just enjoy a long drive without worry.

Transfer Auxiliary Long-Range Fuel Tank

These tanks are installed to help the standard fuel tank pump more fuel to power your vehicle. It's a system engineered to pump fuel from the auxiliary fuel tank into your vehicle’s primary fuel tank.

Replacement Long-Range Fuel Tank

These are aftermarket tanks designed to replace your factory-fitted tank for a higher fuel capacity. They can provide this improved fuel capacity without affecting ground clearance and ramp over/departure angle. So you can enjoy travelling long miles with fewer fuel stops.

Going on an adventure? We'll help you set up the best 4WD storage solutions for all your camping gear! Shop PX Wholesales’ 4WD storage solutions today!

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