Rock Sliders, Side Bars & Side Steps

Rock Sliders - Side Steps


Looking for rock sliders & side steps? Going on an off-road adventure and making sure that your vehicle has all the 4x4 protection it needs? No need to worry because we got you covered here at PX Wholesales. In case you don’t know, rock sliders & side steps are very different. If you are going on rocks, you will need to add rock sliders to your car. They protect your rock panels from rock stumps, give you a handy pivot when you need to get around or over an obstacle and give you an appropriate spot to stop when you are manoeuvring around your vehicle. Luckily, our rock sliders are perfectly made to fit different vehicles such as Hilux rock sliders, Ford ranger rock sliders, 80 series rock sliders, gu patrol rock sliders, Amarok rock sliders, np300 rock sliders, and Dmax rock sliders. These rock sliders are only manufactured using the best material. We only offer high-quality products chosen carefully to fit all the needs of our customers. We purchase our products in large volumes for us to give you only the best price possible.


Side steps, on the other hand, provide easier access into your vehicle while offering very little protection to your vehicle. Unlike rock sliders, side steps are not designed to take the weight of your vehicle as they have a lot of curves. Side steps may give protection for a while but it may end up causing damage if protection is what you are after. For example, side steps for Hilux offer minimal protection to this vehicle unlike the Hilux rock sliders, where you will get optimum protection you need. PX Wholesales only offer the high-quality side steps that are made specifically for the model of your vehicle whether it’s side steps for ford rangers or other models.