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Whatever you choose, a quality steel bullbar & alloy bullbars will offer the front-end of your vehicle along with all the important mechanical bits remarkable protection from any tough surroundings and unpredictable accidents. Depending on the type equipped and what material you choose, high-quality bullbars will absorb the majority of the impacts and protect parts of the vehicle that matter such as the radiator and cooling system. Our steel bullbar will also provide a great base from which you can attach other essential off-road kits like winches, LEDs Light Bars, antennas, and light bars. That’s why it is important to purchase only from the best provider of quality bullbars, PX Wholesales. We carefully choose all the products we sell, making sure that you will only get a high-quality steel bull bar in the market. We also offer the most competitive steel bullbar prices. Aside from the protection it gives, bullbars, such as our MCC Steel Bullbar also provide aesthetic enhancements for top quality vehicles.


Steel Bull Bars & Alloy Bull Bars


If you are unsure whether you should get a steel vs alloy bullbar, there are several factors that you should consider looking at. Alloy bullbars are generally lighter compared to steel. While you can pack more gear and might not need a suspension upgrade, alloy bullbar require more care to keep them looking shiny. Steel bullbar, on the other hand, maybe heavier but can provide your vehicle with the protection it needs when driving off-tracks. That’s why when comparing alloy bullbar vs steel, more vehicle owners trust steel bullbar.


Here at PX wholesale, we have different steel bullbar specifically made for your vehicles such as Toyota steel bullbar, GU patrol steel bullbar, and 80 series Landcruiser steel bull bar. If you need a new steel bull bar for your vehicle, browse all our products today.



The Bullbar FAQs


Do you really need a bullbar?


A bullbar is an accessory installed on the front of a vehicle. It serves as protection from collisions, and other accidents so damage is minimal, especially to the cooling system. If you frequently drive on rural roads and have higher chances of accidental collision with animals like wild Kangaroos, having a bullbar can come in handy.


Why are bull bars illegal?


Bullbars are not illegal in Australia. As long as it meets the Australian Driving Regulations (ADR) and local vehicle regulatory body requirements, they are useful to install in your vehicle. PX Wholesales products meet these regulations, so you can be confident with your purchase. Keep in mind if you are outside of Australia, in some countries, bull bars are considered illegal.


What is the difference between a bull bar and a nudge bar?


For those who own a 4WD, choosing between a bull bar and a nudge bar can be hard. While both provide the same level of cover and are installed in the same place, these two bars have many differences. For example, nudge bars and bull bars come in different sizes. They also differ in design. A bullbar reaches the full extent of your vehicle's front while a nudge bar only acts as a barrier in the front-most area. Lastly, they have different levels of effectiveness. Nudge bars are smaller and can only protect you from straight-on collisions. On the other hand, Bullbars are a bigger bar option that's why they can fully protect the entire frontage of the vehicle.


Do bull bars help in an accident?


Bullbars can help protect your vehicle from accidents. Whether it's an accident involving a wild animal or crashing into a tree or other vehicles, bull bars can essentially protect the frontage of your car. That's why they are one of the most popular 4WD accessories because of the protection it provides. 


Will a bull bar fit any truck?


Bullbars and the mounting kits that come with them are vehicle specific. To know if the bull bar you are purchasing is going to fit your vehicle, check if it is made specifically for your 4WDs make and model. We have a wide range of bull bars fit for almost every type of vehicle. Feel free to browse through our products.