Electrical & Communication Equipment

Electrical Equipment Power Sources

Planning your off-road adventure? Then you must ensure you’re travelling with a complete power source and communication equipment set up for a fun and safe adventure. After all, when it comes to off-road travel, the things you take with you are as important as your vehicle.

So you can power up your essential devices on your journey, having the right power source should be one of your first priorities when preparing for a long off-road journey. This is key to making your 4x4 and camping trips safer and more comfortable.

Your GPS and mapping units, radios, smartphones, lamps, portable fridge, inverters, and air compressors rely on a power source. Without a power system set up, these gadgets will have to be powered up by your vehicle’s battery alone. And that could be too much for a single battery and may lead to your 4WD’s breakdown. Hence, a wise off-road explorer would set up an auxiliary or a sustainable power source to keep your camping gadgets running. Here at PX Wholesales, we stock power sources such as batteries, solar panels, and power accessories for your camping equipment.


We have a range of durable, reliable, and long-lasting batteries that are critical for your adventure. Bring a spare battery for an independent power source for your camping gear, such as camp lights and fridges. More than that, you’ll worry less about a battery failure if you have back ups. Choose from lead-acid, deep cycle, AGM and lithium batteries.

Battery Kits

We also offer battery kits that include battery trays to support your power sources and keep them going.

Solar Panels

Do you want a sustainable power source? At PX Wholesales, we stock solar panels that are not only environmentally friendly, but also deliver a quiet and reliable way to make use of the free energy from the sun.

Battery Management

A battery management system usually supports your auxiliary battery that powers your camping accessories like a fridge, smartphone, and more. As your gadgets use power from your auxiliary battery, the isolator stops the power from draining out of your main starting battery. You can now reserve your main battery for starting up your vehicle any time you need. When you start your 4x4, the isolator senses the charge from your alternator and connects the two batteries, charging them as you drive.

Off-road Communication Devices

While you may be tempted to go off into nowhere and be disconnected from the outside world, it’s crucial to keep a device to reach others in case of an emergency.

While smartphones are handy and practical, they are relatively useless when you’re out of the network range, like off-road. This is why it’s critical to invest in a more reliable communication device — radios!. Radios are not only faster and more reliable, but they also don’t rely on a network signal to work. Because we, at PX Wholesales, care about your safety, we’re going to discuss your off-road communication options.

Citizen Band (CB) Radio

Citizen Band or CB radios are practical for close-range vehicle-to-vehicle communication. For instance, caravan or group trail drives where a few car lengths only separate contact between off-roaders as these radios only have a few miles of practical range.

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Radio

A UHF radio is perfect for short-range vehicle-to-vehicle communication too. It allows you to communicate with nearby travellers, drivers, stations, and more when you need assistance. The amazing thing about these fixed mount radios is how there’s no delay between communicating. So when you’re travelling with a long convoy, and you’re giving directions, everyone will receive these instructions at the same time.

You won't need a radio license to use a UHF radio either, and they are easy to use once you understand the basics. No wonder why they’re so popular! Having multiple channel selections is also helpful, you can pick and choose channels and avoid crowded radio traffic.

Two-Way Radio

A two-way radio is a handheld radio version of the UHF. Although limited in range, these UHF radios are very useful, especially for keeping people in touch around a dense campground. Since they’re light and easy to carry around, they’re also best for spotter-to-driver communication.

Another good thing is they’re cheap and very user-friendly. No more manually looking for the precise frequency, as you can use basic channel numbers. Also, not needing a special radio license is an added perk.

High Frequency (HF) Radio

These are long-range radios that are handy for solo travelling. However, you have to get a license to use it legally. You can apply for a license at radio club memberships across Australia. They can also help you set up your HF radio in your vehicle, adding features for you to use. Some of these features are emergency calls, GPS position marking, bi-directional messaging, direct dial telephone calls and more.

Off on an off-road adventure? You can’t go without putting together your electrical and communication setup first. Shop PX Wholesale’s range of power sources and communication gadgets for your travel safety.

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