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Your vehicle might look really tough but some parts of it are deceptively fragile, especially the grille on your front-end. With just a robust tree branch, oversize boulder, or a little fender-bender punching straight through it, you’ll be spending a huge amount of money for costly repairs. This is why bullbars are something you should invest in. Here at PX Wholesales, we have chosen only the best bullbars available in the market. We buy in bulk so that we can sell to you only at the best price.

One of the essential parts you should have when travelling in rural and remote areas is bullbar. It will provide your vehicle improved bullbar protection for vulnerable mechanical components against harmful conditions and at the same time provide a solid base for mounting other bullbar replacement parts and 4x4 accessories such as winches, CB antennas, and 4WD LED driving lights. All the bull bars we stock are exquisitely engineered and manufactured not only to achieve maximum functionality but also ensure that they enhance your vehicle's overall aesthetic. Each bar is manufactured perfectly to match any design of your vehicle. We carry manufacturers such as ARB bull bars, MCC Bullbars, and AFN Bullbar. All bullbars are engineered carefully under a number of factors to ensure it will properly serve its purpose. Some of the factors incorporated are vehicle design, approach angles, crush rate, airbag deployment, strength, accessory fitment, weight, and aesthetics before each bar is produced.


We have chosen bullbars manufacturers that have invested in vehicle crash barrier tests to validate each bar’s performance and compliance of its airbag compatible bullbars. We ensure the compatibility of each bar on your vehicle by selecting manufactures such as Mcc bull bars, AFN bullbar, and bull bar arb that assess the frontal crushed characteristics and replicates the crush rate in the design of each airbag compatible bull bar and mounting system. This method makes sure that your vehicle’s crush rate and air bag triggering are not altered when bullbars are installed.  Every bullbar you will see here follows Australian Design Rules and all air bagged approved.  When it comes to rated recovery points, all bullbars follow the standard protocol. 


PX Wholesales offers Bull Bars & Protection for most Car Brands:

  • Ford Everest Bullbar

  • Dmax Bullbar

  • Holden Colorado Bullbar

  • Hilux Bullbar

  • Prado Bullbar

  • Jeep Bull Bars

  • Amarok Bull Bars

  • Triton Bullbars

  • and many more


Here at PX Wholesales, we sell Amarok bullbar, Mq triton bullbar, Dmax bullbar, Hilux bullbar, Holden colorado bullbar, Ford Ranger bullbar, and Toyota Hilux bullbar that are crafted perfectly to fit all these vehicles. These bullbars are specifically designed to complement the unique contours of these individual vehicle models. All bullbars are made of high-quality steel and are finished in a durable powder coat to further enhance the bar’s appeal and provide a more integrated look. Our bullbars do not require you to cut or modify your original bumper. We only offer premium designs that are perfect for any types of vehicle.


When you buy bullbars from PX Wholesales, you don’t just buy a steel mount on your vehicle. You invest in a safer, more protected driving experience. Our bullbars provide you with peace of mind. So go ahead, and explore our wide variety of products.