Side Protection

Side Protection - Side Rails 4x4 - 4x4 Sides Steps


Protecting the sides of your car might not be your priority but it could end up being the most expensive repair on your car. Nobody wants expensive repairs. Our Bullbar protection, Underbody protection and side protection are perfect for the unpredictable nature of the outdoors. It guards and shields the sides of your vehicle for outside elements that may harm your car. Here at PX Wholesale, we offer only high-quality scrub bars and side steps you can find available right now. We carefully choose the products we sell to make sure our customers only get the best one in the market. Plus, we buy in bulk enabling us to give you the best price possible. 


Our side rails are manufactured from top-quality materials giving your vehicle the tough truck look. No modification needed for your car because it is mounted to the original specified vehicle mounting point. Our 4x4 side rails have high ground clearance, making it easy for you to drive on off-roads. All the scrub bars and side steps are powder-coated with high strength steel construction for durability and efficiency. Plus, all products are tested giving you the assurance that you have the protection you need for your vehicle. 


Side protection can also be used as side steps for your car. Aside from the protection it gives, it can also provide ease of access to a high-lift vehicle, a major benefit to the elderly or small children who find it hard to get into a higher vehicle. Using stainless steel truck side steps decrease the chance of falling and injury when entering or exiting a vehicle. We also offer side steps that are made perfectly to fit your vehicles such as Hilux side steps and Pajero Side Steps and more. Scrub bars and side steps will give you the protection and functionality you need for your vehicle.