Rhino Hide Paintwork Protection

Rhino Hide Paint-Scratch Protection


When driving off-road, protecting your vehicle from scratches, flying debris bumps, and dents should be one of the important things you should do to keep your 4WD as pristine as possible for as long as you could. While avoiding driving through the tracks or removing branches along the way can help protect your car, it simply doesn’t happen when you’re enjoying the drive. Luckily, PX Wholesales offers car paint protection to preserve the look of your vehicle. Rhino Hide is the number one 4x4 paint scratch protection in Australia. 


We know that it is not a great feeling to come home after an off-road adventure with scratches or gravel chips all over your vehicle’s paintwork. Even if you're urban driving, you can still get scratches on your car. And if the scratch you have is severe, it can expose the underlying metal to corrosion and moisture. This can sometimes cost a lot of money for repair. Don’t worry, Rhinohide paint protection film cost less than any repairs you will need if you scratch your car. That’s why it is good to have Rhino Guard car Armour to shield your vehicle from any future bump and scratch. 


Rhinohide armour is a temporary, yet fully reusable 4x4 paintwork protection system. It is equipped with rare earth neodymium magnets, Rhino Skins panels can be installed to the exterior of your vehicle in just a matter of minutes. Once attached, the protective panels form a tough armour between the outback and your 4x4’s paintwork giving your vehicle overall scratch protection. With Rhino hide, you can drive anywhere without the fear of chips and scratches. Here at PX Wholesales, we have Rhinohide Dual cab skins available for different models of 4WDs. Just browse our list and choose the one that suits your vehicle model.