Industrial Winches

Thinking about getting a 4WD industrial winch for your off-road travels? Getting a winch is a worthy investment, especially when you travel in tough conditions. Having a device that helps you get unstuck from muddy terrain, haul cargo, and clear away hazards on your trail will save you from multiple bad situations. Simply knowing a winch is available to you anytime brings security when you're off-road, especially when you're alone.

Winches are simple contraptions used to pull heavy loads. They pull in, let out, or adjust the tension of a cable, rope, or wire rope. Simple winches make use of a spool or drum attached to a hand crank, which is the engineering foundation behind more complicated machines like tow trucks, steam shovels, and elevators. More intricate designs consist of gear assemblies, and electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or internal combustion drives that power them. On the other hand, an industrial winch might include a solenoid brake and a mechanical brake or ratchet and pawl, which stops it from unwinding unless the pawl retracts. They are common lifting and traction equipment used in industrial sectors like metalworking and construction for moving heavy loads.




Extremely Watertight With Heavy-Duty Internal Seals

You can use our 4WD industrial winches in situations where your vehicle has become bogged or stuck in water, like a river crossing. These mechanical devices are incredibly watertight. You're guaranteed that the water won't seep into the motor so it won’t get wet, protecting it from damage or corrosion.


Free-Spooling Clutch

Our 4x4 recovery winches have a free-spooling clutch feature, which means the clutch lets you manually disengage or "clutch out" the spooling drum from the gear train. At the same time, it allows you to "clutch in" and lock the winch into the gear system.


Full Metal Internal and External Design

Our industrial recovery winches are made of high-grade metal internally and externally.


100% Waterproof Competition-Grade Solenoids

These 4x4 industrial winches feature sturdy waterproof solenoids. You can operate this winch under any weather conditions.


Winch Power In and Out Via Remote

Our winches have double power switches for powering in and powering out your winch drum. It also includes a wireless remote control that lets you control the winch from a distance.


Heavy-Duty Series Wound Motor

Our 4WD recovery winch is designed to lift heavy loads. Choose from 49,895kg (110,000 lb), 68,038kg (150,000 lb), and 90,718 (200,000 lb) capacities.


Very Compact Full-Size Winch

These winches are compact, making them easy to transport and install on any vehicle.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

A limited lifetime warranty is given to the original purchaser of the winch. This warranty covers manufacturing defects, including issues with quality and materials on all mechanical components. Plus, this includes an additional five-year warranty on electrical components including motors, solenoids, wiring, remotes, wire connectors and associated parts.


When You Might Need an Industrial Winch

Some new 4WD owners get too excited to test their ride off-road that they never consider the possibility of getting stuck. Unfortunately, getting stuck has always been part of going off-road, especially with rocky, muddy, snowy, and sandy terrains. That's precisely the kind of situation where you'll need a winch.


Other Recovery Essentials for 4x4

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