Rear Bars & Rear Protection

Rear Bar - Rear Protection & 4WD Rear Protection Replacement Parts

When you own a 4WD vehicle, protecting it should always be a top priority. That’s why installing protective gear such as bull bars and rear bars are needed for your vehicle but also for your safety as well. Most 4WDs have stock plastic rear bumpers that can not even withstand a slight bump. If the vehicle collides with solid structures like rocks or trees, it will easily be squashed. For this reason, you should have rear bars and protection on your vehicle. Rear bars and protection parts are akin to a bullbar except that it is placed on the rear side of your vehicle. Mostly made of steel and covers the back of your vehicle, the Bullbar shields the body and sometimes accommodate spare tyres or other accessories. At PX Wholesales, we offer a high-quality rear bar that can increase your vehicle’s protection. No need to worry about driving through tough conditions because you are sure that the vehicle is safe and secure. 


We carry different rear bar manufacturers giving you a wide array of rear bars to choose from. Our MCC rear bar has a steel step that also gives added protection to the rear and side of the tub, in combination with its side protection tubing. All our rear bumper protection comes with black powder coating making it durable than most bars available online. They have been tested to ensure they meet the standards of vehicle manufacturers' towing specifications and are ADR approved. We offer different rear bars and protection for a wide range of vehicle models, such as Hilux rear bar, patrol rear bar, np300 rear bar, ford ranger rear bar and 2018 Nissan pathfinder rear bumper protector. Get one of these rear bars and protection now, so you are sure that your vehicle is secured and protected.