Electric Winch

Electric winches are popular among 4WD enthusiasts as these winches are lightweight and easy to use. These recovery winches get the electric power they need from your vehicle's battery and alternator. However, they can operate without the engine on for a short period. To extend working time, many users bring a backup battery, especially when planning a long trip.




Reliable and Efficient

WIth the use of powerful, efficient series-wound motors, our line of electric winches from Warn are incredibly strong. They are reliable and efficient tools that can be sized to match any application with an available electrical power source.


Lightweight and Easy to Use

Electric winches are typically universal; they can be installed on multiple vehicles and used for different situations. They are also relatively compact and lightweight for ease of installation, transportation, and storage. They’re also available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, allowing for adaptation to space constraints on any kind of vehicle.


Environmentally Friendly

Though powerful, electrical winches emit zero emissions, unlike other mechanical devices. Electric power is clean, eliminating the risk of hydraulic fluid leaks and environmental concerns.


Has Own Battery

4WD electric winches do not need an engine to work. Instead, they get power from your vehicle's battery and alternator. You won't have to worry about the engine overheating when pulling your vehicle up a steep incline. As long as you have a strong battery that doesn't drain quickly, you're good to go.


Quality Assurance

These electrical winches are designed, engineered, and field tested by Warn’s engineers in Clackamas, Oregon, USA to meet their high standards.


Other Recovery Essentials for 4x4

You’ll never know what kind of situation you’ll encounter off-road. It’s best to be prepared for whatever challenges the outdoors may have for you. Our collection of recovery products will help you get your vehicle unstuck. Browse through our recovery essentials, including industrial winches, electric winches, Maxtrax and more, at PX Wholesales!


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