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PX Wholesales is a retailer that specializes in quality off-road accessories for all your adventures in the Australian outback. From hydraulic jacks to bull bars, towing mirrors to roof racks, PX Wholesales stocks a full range of 4WD accessories.

Being 100% Australian-owned and operated means that our staff is well placed to understand all the ins and outs of 4x4 accessory needs in Australia. PX wholesale is not just an online retailer, customers can contact us directly or come to our showroom to discuss matters face to face with our friendly staff. Our specialists are always on hand to chat about the specific 4x4 equipment you’ll need to make sure your next outdoor adventure is memorable for all the right reasons.

If you are looking to purchase 4x4 accessories online, PX Wholesale has you covered. Our website contains a catalogue of our full product offering featuring all the best brands on the market when it comes to 4X4 accessories. Examples of the big names we stock include AFN, PIAK, AIRBAG MAN, and AutoPhix Australia.

PX Wholesale delivers across the country so whether you are looking for 4WD Accessories in Melbourne or in Brisbane or in Alice Springs, we’ll be able to get those to you in a flash. We have plenty of positive feedback from happy customers all over Australia that can testify to the quality of our products, high standard of service, and quick turnaround times.


4x4 Essentials

The list of items necessary to make your next adventure in the Australian outback as comfortable as possible might be seemingly endless. However, it is important that you are fully prepared before taking to the road in your 4x4 because without the right equipment it’s possible to find yourself in quite the pickle in terms of safety. Our range of 4x4 essentials includes everything from hydraulic jack kits and tow hooks to your tail light covers.


Air Lumbar Support Systems

There is no denying the fact that Australia is a large country and the chances are your 4x4 adventure trip will involve lots of driving over long distances. This has a habit of taking its toll on the body. As well as taking regular breaks to revitalize yourself, another option for making the drive that much more comfortable, not to mention safe, would be through the installation of an air lumbar support system. These systems serve to alleviate lower back pain that is commonly experienced by drivers that travel long distances. We’ve got an excellent offering of great adjustable air lumbar support systems available at PX Wholesale so spend some time exploring your options before investing in this essential 4WD accessory that’ll make your trip much more enjoyable.


Cargo Barriers

Accidents happen. The chances of this increase when you are driving off-road too. In the event of having to brake unexpectedly or experiencing a collision of any sort, the impact of having cargo that is not secure thrown forward can have absolutely catastrophic results. For this reason, a cargo barrier has the potential to make a huge difference and is, therefore, an essential piece of equipment for your 4WD vehicle. You’ll have access to a large range of cargo barriers at PX wholesale and will find models tailored for all of the most popular 4x4 vehicles.


5th Wheel and Gooseneck

For those occasions where you need to pull a trailer, fifth wheel or some other piece of equipment behind the car, the type of hitch you choose is important. Different hitches are better suited for particular purposes and some are more versatile than others. The most popular types of hitches are the fifth wheel hitch and the gooseneck. PX wholesale stock a range of gooseneck hitches that can be installed with the bed of a truck as well as larger fifth wheel hitches which are better being used with hinged plates that sit in the bed of a tow truck. Explore the options for 5th Wheel & Gooseneck on our website to find the best option for your vehicle.


Roof Racks

Whether you need a place for a solar panel to feed a second battery or more space for luggage, attaching a roof rack to your 4WD is one of the best ways to get yourself a bit more storage. Regardless of whether you’ll be transporting mountain bikes, kayaks, surfboards, a rooftop tent, or even a little boat, the right roof rack can make all the difference. PX Wholesale stocks a range of great roof rack options as well as roof rack accessories. So you’ll be sure to find a storage solution that meets your specific needs and is tailored to fit your 4x4 vehicle.


Towing Mirrors

Safety matters, especially when you are operating a large vehicle like a 4WD. One of the most important, but somewhat underrated 4X4 accessories as far as safety is concerned, is a towing mirror. The innovative devices can replace a standard mirror to enable drivers to have increased vision when it comes to towing items. They are also really useful if the 4X4 has a wider body behind the driving cabin. PX Wholesale hold several towing mirror models which are specifically designed for the most popular 4WD vehicles in Australia.


Seat Covers and Floor Mats

We all know that things can get pretty messy when you are out exploring the Australian outback. However, a few simple additions to your 4WD accessory collection can make a massive difference when it comes to keeping your vehicle clean. Investing in good quality seat covers that have been designed specifically with your 4X4 in mind. They’ll collect much of the dust and dirt that accumulates in the vehicle as you drive and can be easily removed and washed once your off-road adventure comes to an end and you return home.

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