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PX Wholesales is a retailer that specializes in Bull Bars, 4x4 Off-Road Equipment, 4WD ComponentsCamping Equipment as well as Camping Clothes and Camping Boots for all your adventures in the Australian outback. We’re not just another 4WD online store though. Our staff have expert knowledge about off-road vehicles and understand the intricacies of 4x4 suspension and the general maintenance of 4WD vehicles. PX wholesale stocks a wide range of reputable brands, including Airbag Man, Outdoor Armour, and EFS. 

PX Wholesales is 100% Australian-owned and operated, which means we are well-positioned to understand the clothing needs of outdoor enthusiasts in Australia. In addition to being an online retailer, PX Wholesale offers customers the option to contact us directly or come to our showroom to talk to our friendly staff in person. Our specialists are always on hand to chat about the specific benefits of various different 4WD suspension products. We’ll ensure you find all of the right 4x4 suspension items to ensure your next adventure in the Australian outback is safe and memorable for all the right reasons. 

We deliver across the country, so no matter where you are in Australia, we'll be able to help you. Customers from all over Australia can testify to the quality of our products, our high standard of customer service, and our quick turnaround times thanks to our positive feedback.


Air Bags Suspension 4WD Suspension Upgrades from PX Wholesales

Aftermarket suspension systems are crucial for 4x4 vehicles passing through rough terrain, as responsiveness and durability are vital for the vehicle to handle the work. PX Wholesales offers the necessary upgrades, such as 4WD suspension kits, to allow owners to customise their suspension to fit their own preferences.

An upgraded 4WD suspension helps you to easily manoeuvre through various terrains as it minimises bumps while also ensuring your car is still responsive. It additionally allows the car to be lifted, making it possible to fit in a larger tyre which will help it travel on muddy and rough trails. Driving in the Australian outback can be treacherous, and even the most experienced 4x4 drivers may encounter a difficult situation. This is why having a 4x4 airbag suspension that can handle vehicle different loads and road conditions is imperative. PX Wholesale carries a wide variety of airbag suspension kits. We are proud stockists of many leading airbag suspension brands, including Airbagman. We stock both airbag front suspension kits and airbag rear suspension kits for the most popular 4WD models. As always, our expert staff are on hand to advise on airbag suspension installation.


The Best Airbag Suspension Kits in Australia

Driving through rough terrain is dangerous given all the factors that could cause your vehicle to fail. That’s why proper suspension is so important. It can minimise the chance of any issues occurring and facilitate a smoother and more comfortable ride so you can enjoy your journey properly. PX Wholesales provides 4x4 suspension kits that can handle big and small bumps on the road. We also provide air bag suspension kits too. This suspension can help ensure precise handling even on rough terrain, thereby increasing the vehicle's responsiveness and your safety.

Our range of suspension and airbag suspension kits are top-of-the-line from leading brands, like Airbag man. We also have both rear and front air bag suspension kits to suit your needs. 
They are easy to install and suitable for all types of off-roading and 4x4 vehicles. You're sure to find the perfect one for your car and your upcoming trip. Some kits are so easy to install all you need is three hours and drill. 


Lifting Your 4x4 Suspension

Along with 4WD suspension kits, we also stock suspension accessories to lift and extend your vehicle's height. This is because some off-road tracks have a different ground clearance compared to paved roads. Therefore, if you want to pass easily, you will need to raise your car's suspension. The last thing you want to spoil your trip is getting your car stuck on a rock and even seriously damaging your car. By lifting your suspension, you’ll find that beach tracks, water crossings and muddy trails are no problem for your vehicle. However, we still advise you drive carefully to avoid damage to your vehicle and yourself.

However, this isn’t the only advantage to lifting or raising your suspension. You can actually get a whole host of benefits from raised suspension, including:
Increased visibility when driving both on and off-road as you can see further
Ability to install a larger tyre size to pass through advanced off-road tracks
A larger suspension can be installed for more comfortable off-road riding
Choose appropriate aftermarket accessories to install get these benefits and prevent your wheel alignment from being distorted.


Upgrades for a Lifted 4WD

Once you've got your 4WD lifted, there's still more you can do to improve it and its off-road driving performance. At PX Wholesales, we have just the accessories you need. They are of high quality and will ensure you don't get stuck in the bush.

For instance, adding a long travel suspension to your vehicle can significantly affect the camber and caster of your tyre. This impacts the geometry, tyre wear, and return-to-centre steering, making the 4x4 vehicle unstable to drive. However, we have a range of products that can help prevent these issues from occurring, as well as products to keep your wheels aligned.

Similarly, lifting your suspension changes the CV angle of your 4WD, potentially causing it to bend and break. However, we have diff drop kits to increase the length of your front shock, which provides you with clearance to install a larger tyre, solving the issue by keeping the CV at the right angle after the suspension lift. The kits also come in different sizes for various 4x4 vehicles available in Australia. Be sure to check that your vehicle is compatible with any kits you choose in order to avoid disappointment. Remember that newer models of cars are designed differently to previous models so if you've recently updated your car you may need to choose a different kit.


Outback Armour Suspension Kits

Outback Armour is one of the leading brands when it comes to 4x4 suspension kits. With over 30 years of experience in the 4WD space, drivers know they are in good hands when it comes to Outback Armour. At PX Wholesale, we take great pride in stocking Outback Armour suspension items including 4WD suspension kits for several popular 4X4 vehicles including those manufactured by Isuzu, Toyota and Mitsubishi.


EFS Suspension

EFS Suspension is synonymous with quality. The company’s suspension products are much more than just shock absorbers but provide a completely integrated suspension package including springs, shocks, and all the essential components that ensure comfort and stability for your 4WD vehicle. At PX Wholesale, our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to advise you on the EFS Suspension lift kits that we hold in stock for a variety of vehicles including Nissan, Toyota, and Mitsubishi 4X4 models..


Diff Drops

Those who’ve been driving a 4WD for a while will know that a diff drop works by modifying the mounting point of the diff and physically lowering it away from the chassis. It ensures that the suspension isn’t affected so the end result is the angle of operation is less in the CV joints as the diff and hubs are in close alignment. As well as several diff drop kits, PX Wholesale offers Phat Bar Suspension diff drop kits as well as Road Safe diff drop kits. 


PHAT Bar Suspension

PHAT Bar is one of the industry leaders in 4x4 suspension in Australia. The company is known for being passionate about off-road protection and driving comfort. They specialize in rear bars, rock sliders, and bullbars. By shopping at PX Wholesale, you can be guaranteed to find a full range of PHAT Bar Suspension products, both in-store and online through our digital product catalogue.


Upper Control Arms for Upgraded Suspensions

Control arms aren't often talked about, so don’t be worried if you don't know what they are. However, they are an essential part of the suspension system of your vehicle. Essentially, they ensure that a 4WD vehicle’s tyres can move up and down in a controlled manner. To put things simply, without these, your off-road ride probably wouldn’t be quite as enjoyable. Most 4x4s use one or two control arms per wheel, on both the front and rear suspension. Unlike front-wheel drives that only use the lower control arm, off-road vehicles often have an upper control arm as well. You’ll find several upper control arm kit options available in-store or on the PX Wholesale website including the highly reputable Road Safe brand.

At PX Wholesales, we have everything you need to get the most out of your 4x4 driving experience. Make sure your vehicle is kitted out correctly with suspension and airbag suspension kits for a comfortable and safe ride. And don't forget to lift your vehicle as well to make it easier to cross difficult terrain. Check out our great range of 4WD kits and accessories guaranteed to improve your vehicle’s performance and ensure you have a great time out in the great outdoors.

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