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Going on a long outdoor adventure trip towing something doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be stress free if you are well-equipped to deal with unexpected problems on the road. If you own an off-road vehicle, you should be familiar with the 4x4 towing hints and tips & towing accessories that will assist you if you ever need help or come across someone who does. At PX Wholesales, we have all the off-road trailer parts you could ever need to easily handle cargo management or vehicle towing. We actually have over a thousand trailer parts and accessories that you can use for your next camping trip—especially if you plan to go on more challenging trails.


How Are Towing Accessories Used?

Towing accessories are versatile and practical pieces of equipment that can come in handy for just about anybody on the road. You don't have to spend much on them to enjoy outdoor trips with your friends and family. You just need to make sure that you invest in your safety when going outdoors. Towing equipment is any trailer part that allows you to pull any type of recreational vehicle or item, such as trailers or boats. To get the most out of your trailer and towing experience, you’ll need the following.


Trailer Lights

Trailer lights are essential, especially when planning an outdoor trip that involves travel during the night. Your trailer needs to be clearly visible to other road users. Some trailer lights are submersible so you can even attach them to a boat that you are towing and not worry about damaging them when you hit the water. At PX Wholesales we have top-quality, innovative trailer lights for sale. Favourite features include ultra-low profiles to suit almost any vehicle, high shock resistance for when you drive on bumpy roads, and easy mounting so you can get on the road sooner. Look for features that will suit your vehicle and your trip. You can check with our friendly staff for recommendations.


Trailer Legs - Trailer Support Legs

You should never go on a trip with your trailer without some trailer support legs. A set of durable and sturdy trailer legs can save you a lot of trouble when trying to stabilise or jack up your trailer system. They are a huge assistance when you need to change a flat tyre on your trailer, inspect your brakes or store your trailer and other vehicles. At PX Wholesales, we understand exactly how important trailer legs are. That’s why we have an extensive range with different features to suit all types of 4x4 vehicles. All products available have been tested and found to meet the standards and requirements for towing accessories by the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia, so you can be sure your trip will be all the safer because of them.


Trailer Socket - Trailer Plug

A trailer socket and trailer plug are used to connect two vehicles for towing. Whenever you need your car to be towed, a solid and versatile trailer socket is required. There are many types of trailer plugs, so make sure you buy one that is appropriate for your vehicle. The PX Wholesales range of trailer plugs includes lots of different sizes and types to suit almost any recreational vehicle. Popular features, however, include an easy connection system with straightforward wiring where you only need to match colours with an associated number.


Trailer Rims and Trailer Tires

For a smoother drive, while towing, it's also a good idea to purchase and install high-quality trailer rims and tires. When fitted correctly, you should find that the rims help to reduce friction as your trailer moves. Ensure the rims are the appropriate size for your trailer’s tyres. If you're having difficulty confirming the correct size, talk to our staff.


Towing Mirrors and Towbars

A trailer-towing mirror and towbar are two must-haves for any towing journey. The mirror will ensure that you can properly see behind you as you drive, even if you are towing a large trailer or vehicle. The towbar makes for an easy connection between your vehicle and your trailer. And if you don’t want to have the towbar on your car all the time, PX Wholesale has a great range of detachable towbars that can be removed and stored away when not in use. To ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, it's important your 4WD is kitted out with everything you need to tow a trailer or vehicle. Check out PX Wholesale's great range of trailer necessities and accessories before your next trip.

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