Rear Wheel Carrier Bars

4x4 Rear Wheel Carrier Bars


Going on an off-road adventure? One of the most 4wd accessories you must have is rear-wheel carrier bars. But it will take a lot of time and money to find the right gear for this adventure. Especially since you will want to ensure that the equipment you choose gets you where it needs to go so you can spend less time worrying about your vehicle and more time having fun. Thankfully, PX Wholesales have chosen the best rear wheel carrier you can find in the market. No need to check every gear available because we already did that for you. 


Our range of  rear-wheel carrier bars i ncorporates different features depending on your need and provide additional functionality while giving high-quality vehicle protection. Vehicles with the spare tyre mounted on its back door can suffer from unnecessary assembly stress. Spare wheels located underneath, on the other hand, can be difficult to access and be more prone to damage and may affect ground clearance when driving off-road. These mounting methods can also prove unsuitable if you have a larger tyre. Our spare wheel carries can address all these issues, by relocating your spare tyre on a wheel carrier. 


We also carry spare wheel bike carriers which utilize your spare wheel to transport up to two bikes. This is perfect for adventurers who like to bring their bikes on adventures. Our caravan spare wheel carrier provides you with the answer where to store your spare wheel without taking much space. The wheel carrier bracket also allows you to tow different types of trailers, hitch cargo carrier with wheels, and other vehicles. Although strapping a pet carrier backpack with wheels on your caravan spare wheel carrier is not advisable. You might want to put the pet carrier backpack inside your car.  If you just need a simple and rigid wheel carrier, we offer a universal spare wheel carrier that is perfect for your needs. If you own a utility vehicle, our swing away spare wheel carrier is the right match for your car. It swings out your spare tyres like when you’re opening a back door. If none of this is the one you’re looking for, PX Wholesales offers a custom rear wheel carrier that can accommodate whatever needs you to have for your wheel carrier. 


Our wheel carriers can be optioned on either side of the rear bar on most vehicles. Only made from high-quality materials, these bars are durable even in tough conditions. A single carrier can be fitted or we can also install the rear bar without any carriers at all, and if this is the case, neat panels will be used for this. We have different MCC wheel carriers such as 60 series rear wheel carrier, land cruiser spare wheel carrier, 80 series rear wheel carrier, and rear spare wheel carrier 100 series Landcruiser. With our wheel carrier, you can fit any twin 33” or a single 35” tyre on most vehicles. Go ahead and browse our wide range of wheel carrier products.