How to Choose the Best & Most Effective 4x4 Lighting

Author: PX Wholesales   Date Posted: 25 May 2022 

Looking for driving lights but don’t know where to start? Here’s our ultimate guide to 4x4 lighting, right from understanding the different types of lighting to choosing what’s best for you!


Why Lighting Matters for Your 4x4

Aftermarket driving lights are a valuable purchase that can not only save you money in the long run but can also prove to be lifesaving. Driving at night can be really dangerous due to poor vision and the additional tiredness that a driver might feel from lack of sleep. While it is always safer to drive only after being fully rested, there may be some situations when your eyes might feel strained from the long journey and it’s getting close to the natural sleep time your body is used to.


4x4 lighting is designed to enhance vision during the dark hours and combat fatigue. The brightness of the lights not only illuminates the path but is also bright enough to keep you alert and aware of what is in front of you. This can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, including with wildlife.


The consequences brought about due to bad lighting far outweighs the cost of purchasing extra lights, which is why it is one of the best investments you can make for your 4x4.


Understanding Types of 4x4 Lighting

There are two major types of 4x4 lighting to choose from: spotlights and light bars. Both are typically mounted on the bull bar to provide that extra illumination. Spotlights have a wider range than light bars, while light bars are easier to mount. Most spotlights come in HID, halogen or LED form and light bars usually come in just LED.



Halogen lights are relatively cheap and produce a decent amount of light. They are more suitable for shorter distances as the range is not that wide. A downside of getting halogen lamps is that they draw a huge amount of energy and can actually cost you a lot over time.



As for HID, or high-intensity discharge, they are also referred to as Xenons due to their use of Xenon gas in order to create light. In comparison to halogens, they are more durable and shine brilliantly over long distances. However, the light is limited to a narrower field. This limited visibility is because HIDs are more unidirectional. This can cause problems when trying to spot obstacles along the sides of the road, such as local wildlife or pedestrians.



LED lighting is far more advanced than its counterparts, making it the best and most popular choice for driving lights. 4x4 LED spotlights and light bars usually last approximately 50,000 hours and most closely replicate the effects that natural daylight has. They also use less power than halogen lamps, making them more eco-friendly.


Choosing What’s Right For You

While there are some extremely powerful 4x4 lights out there on the market, you need to choose one that best suits your needs. It doesn’t make sense to splurge on expensive lights if they won't be beneficial to your cause.


Spot or Flood?

You first need to decide whether you will require a spot or flood beam. Spot beams are narrower and shine a lot of light a greater distance ahead while flood beams cover a wider range with less distance. If you plan to drive a lot at night at great speed, it is important to be able to see clearly down the road and much further ahead. However, if you will be travelling through more winding paths at a slower pace, you will need lights that are not overly bright but will have a wider spread at a shorter distance.


Frequency & Durability

Once you have decided the type of travel you plan to do, you will need to align that with how often you plan to use the lights. If you are someone who does frequent travel, then it will be a good idea to invest in slightly more expensive and durable lights. However, if you will use them sparingly, a cheaper alternative will do just fine.


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