Save Yourself From Dehydration! Do You Know How Much Water to Take On Your 4x4 Camping Trip?

Author: PX Wholesales   Date Posted: 5 April 2022 

Nothing makes you appreciate water more than having precious little of it on a camping trip. Water is the foundation of all life, so it’s important to know how much you need to bring and to have a large camping backpack and 4x4 accessories, like 4WD interior drawers, to carry and store plenty of it.


Why Should I Bring Water on My Camping Trip?

Water’s going to be the most important thing you’re going to bring on a camping trip. It’s second only to bringing yourself and a sense of adventure. You won’t only need this water to drink as you explore but, depending on where you end up staying, also to brush your teeth and bathe, cook food, and a number of other everyday applications.


Now, you could always travel near a river or a place with inbuilt water facilities but that limits your options. The reason bringing water with you is the perfect option is that it gives you way more freedom about where you travel and how long you can spend exploring the great outdoors. By kitting out your 4WD with Outback systems drawers and more to efficiently store your supplies, the whole of Australia will suddenly open up to you, from tropical rainforests to beaches off the beaten track to the red centre.


How Much Water Should I Bring

A good rule of thumb for camping is to bring about 7.5 litres per person per day. So, for instance, if it’s just you and a couple of mates for the weekend, you’ll want at least 45 litres in total ([7.5L x 3 people] x 2 days = 45L). This may seem like a lot of water but you will need it. However, you will need to take other factors into consideration to get closer to the right number.


Who’s Coming With You?

Kids and dogs need less water than adults, with the general rule being about 1.3–1.5 litres each day for children aged 1–8 years. A medium-sized dog will drink about 1.25 litres a day, but you’ll need to bring more as they’re sloppy drinkers. So if one of your mates brings his kid and you’ve got your four-legged best friend with you, you’ll be looking at least another 5.5 litres for your trip ([1.5L x 2 days] + [1.25L x 2 days] = 5.5L).


Where Are You Camping & What Is The Climate

If you’re travelling to a hot, arid climate, you’ll obviously need to bring more water to replenish water lost through sweat. However, humid climates can also cause you to sweat more. Further, our bodies lose water twice as fast at high altitudes compared to when we’re at sea level. So if you’re heading up Mount Baldy in Northern Queensland you might want to bring twice as much water.


Is Water Accessible At Your Destination?

Depending on your itinerary, you may be able to regularly access a safe and adequate water supply, so you won’t need to bring as much. Additionally, if you’re travelling through a town, you may be able to top up your water supplies midway through your trip.


What Activities Are You Going To Be Doing?

The more strenuous your activities, like hiking difficult terrain, the more water you’ll require.


What Water Should I Take Camping?

When stocking up on water for your trip, you must make sure that the water is clean and drinkable. The same applies if you top up your water on the way. Otherwise, you may want to bring a water foil or a way to boil water to make sure your water is safe to drink. You don’t want stomach bugs spoiling your trip.


How Can I Bring Water Camping?

Chances are you’ll need to bring a fair amount of water with you, regardless of the particulars of your trip. This much water takes up a lot of space and is heavy. Luckily, this won’t be a problem with the 4x4 drawers for sale at PX Wholesales.


Whether you’re on a serious cross-country epic or just nipping out for the weekend in your 4x4, nothing beats the right camping equipment. It’s even better if those 4x4 accessories are versatile, like our drawer systems, so you can store just about anything in them!


Quench Your Thirst for Exploration

For us, there’s nothing better than heading into the outback with your 4WD and exploring every beautiful place this continent has to offer. With the best camping backpacks around and plenty of camping gear for your 4WD available at PX Wholesales, you’ll be able to see more of it and stay hydrated. Satisfy your thirst for seeing red dirt and blue skies without the parched throat, thanks to PX Wholesales.