How Bull Bars Protect Your Truck

Author: PX Wholesales   Date Posted: 13 January 2022 

Looking for ways to protect your truck? Our heavy-duty bull bars will shield your vehicle against front-on collisions while also looking cool. Just install these heavy-duty bad boys on your grille, and you'll get a robust shield for your front grille, as well as the centre and underside of your front bumper.


Why You Need to Protect Your Truck

Utes and trucks are a valuable investment. Not only because they're more expensive, but also because they help you carry out various tough and demanding jobs. Just imagine the stress on your vehicle transporting heavy loads and driving through challenging terrains. This is why you need to gear and prep them up before getting them to do strenuous work. Our heavy-duty bull bars can safeguard your vehicles against collisions, preventing costly and unwanted repairs. Because they reinforce your trucks' performance and increase their front-end protection, they help keep these vehicles reliable and durable for a long time.


What Are Bull Bars?

A bull bar is a thick bumper accessory installed on utes, trucks, and SUVs to provide heavy-duty protection for the vital components of your vehicle. In addition, these bars can serve as a mounting platform for various accessories, such as a winch, driving lights, light bars and antennas, that also enhance your safety.


How Do Bull Bars Protect Your Vehicle?

Though bull bars are made mainly for protection against collisions, they can protect your vehicle in many ways.


Protection Against Animal Collisions

Get protection from animal collisions! When a strong or large animal hits you, the impact can sometimes be strong enough to damage your vehicle to the point it stops working, leaving you stranded. This can be especially scary when you're in the outback. Having a bull bar installed protects the front of your car, so in case you collide with an animal, like a kangaroo, your truck or SUV is strong enough to drive away from danger.


Protection From General Hazards

Apart from collisions, driving off-road has all sorts of hazards. This includes rocks, ruts and sticks, which can be a real problem when they get caught up and jammed into odd places of your truck. It also improves your approach angle, so you don't touch the terrain as much when going hard. But in any instances that you do, your bull bar will not show as much damage as the original plastic bumper.


Easier Vehicle Recovery

When your ute gets stuck in the mud while off-road, you want to be able to retrieve your vehicle out. Bull bars offer several ways to help you get your trucks unstuck. First, they make an excellent winch mounting point. Yes, there may be other ways to mount winches without bull bars, but having one is the easiest. Second, some bull bars have built-in recovery points, while others help expose the chassis and its recovery points.


Accessory Mount Points

Bull bars are also an excellent accessory mount point, and we know how much these accessories help you drive safer, especially off-road. For example, bull bars will provide a better, stronger, and much more stable base to install drive lights, UHF antennas, and more.


How to Choose Bull Bars for your Vehicle

The things that you should factor in when choosing a bull bar should include what kind of work you'll do with your truck, how and where you intend to drive, how much gear you'll take, and what accessories you want to fit in.


Furthermore, it would be best to choose a well-designed bull bar that is properly engineered and manufactured to a high standard. More importantly, it should be compatible with all of your vehicle's safety systems, such as SRS airbags, lane departure warning systems, parking sensors and active cruise control systems.


Different Materials, Different Advantages

You can get your bull bars made from three different materials: steel, alloy and plastic. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses you should consider.


Steel Bull Bars

Give your truck the strongest shield with steel bull bars! Out of the three, steel bull bars are the strongest, making them perfect in the outback, where there will be a higher chance of an animal collison. Some even offer greater strengths with thicker and higher grade materials and improved designs.


Alloy Bull Bars

With alloy bull bars, you can arm your vehicle without adding too much weight. Although they aren't as strong as steel, alloy bull bars have the advantage of being lighter weight. This will put less stress on your vehicle, resulting in minimal wear and tear on components such as suspension and tyres. Moreover, alloys have a shinier finish and significantly higher corrosion resistance for a more impressive and rust-free look. Plus, some alloy bull bars come in various grades and designs to achieve higher strength.


Plastic Bull Bars

What's more awesome than a bull bar that can return to shape after a minor impact? With plastic, you can do just that! These plastic bull bars are made of UV stable and chemical resistant materials, making them durable and long-lasting. Plus, they are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. What could you ask for more?


Various Designs to Fit Your Needs

Bull bars come in various designs, so choose one that suits your purposes. For example, if you are just driving around the city and only occasionally going 4x4ing, you may not need something heavy duty. You'll also want them to provide protection for your vehicle’s cooling system, bonnet, under-vehicle components and headlights.


If you like driving off-road through the rocky terrain, then a bull bar with scrub bars is perfect for you. These bars offer protection down the sides of the vehicle from bushes and the like.


If you want a bull bar mainly for mounting accessories, you don't need to worry about scrub bars. Instead, you can consider bull bars with just a centre bar or those that almost mimic your vehicle's original bumper design, with no top bars at all.


Those who love to drive through rocky, extremely rough terrain would want one that can hold a winch, offer extreme approach angles, as well as recovery point options.


Whatever design you choose, make sure it doesn't interfere with your vehicle's approach angles and ground clearance. A quality bar will also be model-specific, with a contour that matches your vehicle's design.


Installation Compatibility

Certain bull bars have an airbag compatible mounting system. You can often see which model bull bars are airbag compatible and not from the manufacturer's fine print. Make sure that the bar you get is consistent with your vehicle model. After all, if your safety is compromised, then there's no point in installing these bull bars in the first place.


In addition, most modern vehicles offer more safety features, including parking sensors, emergency braking systems, lane departure warnings, and radar cruise control. These safety systems depend on sensors and cameras around the front of your vehicle to work, so if you are mounting a bull bar, make sure that it's compatible with them.


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