For the Best Camping Trip Ever, Make Sure You Have the Right Roof Racks

Author: PX Wholesales   Date Posted: 12 May 2022 

Before going on an outdoor excursion, you need to ensure you have all the gear to keep you and the people with you safe. Going on an off-road trip unprepared, whether it's a quick hike or a 5-day camping trip, can lead you into some risky situations. That's why you'll need proper roof racks for your 4x4.

Are Roof Racks Worth It?

These 4WD accessories are essential for hauling gear or luggage that won't fit inside your vehicle. The extra storage space on your vehicle's roof can free up the space you need for everyone you want to bring along. It is also an easy way to keep your things organised and clean.

What's a Roof Rack?

A roof rack is what you need to carry large and heavy equipment with you. It has a base and crossbars to let you securely load various gear on your 4WD’s rooftop. Four-wheel drives are typically factory-equipped with raised side rails on the roof that can adapt to your needs. But in case your vehicle doesn't, you can get foot packs that attach to the fixed attachment points on the roof or rain gutters. Just remember, choosing the foot packs and crossbar system that matches your vehicle is crucial.

There's a wide range of roof rack accessories you can choose from, depending on your cargo:

  • Cargo box, bag and basket racks
  • Bike racks
  • Kayak, surfboard and paddleboard racks
  • Skis and snowboard racks
  • Rooftop tents

Helpful Tips for Choosing & Installing Roof Racks

What's Your Cargo?

The equipment you want to put on your roof should determine what type of roof racks you get for your 4x4. For example, luggage and smaller items could fit in a cargo box or basket. You can also have roof rack accessories for camping and other activities, like rooftop tents, as well as bikes, kayaks and canoe racks.

Consider Your Vehicle's Roof Weight Capacity

Your vehicle's roof can only support so much weight. Typically, the side rails and crossbars will tell you their weight ratings. You can also find the roof rack and load carrier capacity in your vehicle's owner’s manual. You can also search for it online if you no longer have the manual or can’t find it.

Estimate the Combined Weight of Your Items

If you're planning to carry two heavy bikes and an entire month's worth of clothing and essentials in a cargo box, it's crucial to ensure that the combined weight is less than the vehicle's maximum weight capacity. That's why you need to plan what you're bringing to avoid overloading your roof racks, especially if you're carrying a variety of items.

Check Out Your Current Roof Set-Up

Find out what your vehicle's roof set-up is, so you can get all the essential equipment to secure your things. For example, roof side rails running from front to back along the sides of the roof offer a mounting point for roof crossbars and a tie-down point to hold your cargo securely. Typically, these rails are factory-installed options that come with the car. To ensure safe and secure roof cargo, you should have side rails and crossbars installed. However, some vehicles may have crossbars attached to the roof with no side rails. This could lower the maximum roof weight capacity.

Measure Your Roof for Crossbars

Installing and reinstalling your hitch-mounted cargo carrier can be a hassle if you need to remove it each time you park in a garage. That's why it's helpful to know how often you plan to use it. You might consider installing a folding hitch adapter to fold the carrier up against your car when you aren't using it.

Are Roof Racks Removable?

Regardless of the type of 4WD roof rack and accessories you have, it should be easy to remove. On the other hand, roof rails are typically permanent or at least semi-permanent. The best roof racks and accessories can be removed in seconds or come off almost as fast.

Are Roof Racks Easy to Install?

Installing a roof rack is fairly simple. You can easily handle it yourself, even with very little knowledge. The most important steps are to install the fit kit, attach the foot packs and add the crossbars. You also want to ensure that the end result is sturdy and stable. It might be worth taking it for a little test drive around the block with some luggage onboard to see how it goes.

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