Does a Roll Bar Work?

Author: PX Wholesales   Date Posted: 14 March 2022 

If you’re planning on cruising over the hills in your 4x4, you will need to equip your vehicle with ample protection. The best way to do this is to invest in roll bars.


What Is the Purpose of a Roll Bar?

What exactly is the point of a roll bar? It is simply a device that is specifically designed to protect a vehicle’s passengers and prevent fatalities in the event of a rollover.


The device is attached to the vehicle frame and twisted in a set of hoops. These hoops are fitted inside the vehicle’s passenger compartment. In the event that a rollover takes place, the roll bar works by displacing and distributing the vehicle’s weight to the chassis. Since the weight is distributed, it reduces the possibility of the vehicle’s roof collapsing on its passengers and protects them from hitting their heads on the road. It can also reduce the damage to your vehicle.


What Is the Difference Between a Roll Bar & a Roll Cage?

Roll bars and roll cages both operate on the same principle, which is to protect you and your vehicle if it rolls. The main difference lies in the fact that a roll bar, as the name suggests, is usually a single bar that is fitted in the vehicle behind the driver. On utes, the roll bar may sit outside the driver’s cab. A roll cage, however, forms a frame around you and is usually bolted or welded into the vehicle. Roll cages are more preferable in racing circumstances.


It is, however, recommended to opt for a roll bar since roll cages can end up being more dangerous. Since it is a cage structure, there is a possibility of it interfering with the driver’s vision or making it difficult to use the shoulder harness. For this reason, roll cages can be illegal depending on the location in which it is being used and its interpretation. Before installing a roll cage, be sure to check if it is a legal modification to make to your car.


What Are the Benefits of a Roll Bar?

The key benefit of a roll bar is that it improves overall safety, in case of your car rolling, with no actual loss of comfort to you or your passengers in any way. While you may not need to worry about your car rolling when driving on paved roads, when traversing unpaved outback roads and 4X4ing, a roll bar can come into its own and change the outcome of a serious incident.


Do I Need a Roll Bar?

It is always a good idea to invest in a good quality roll bar if you are intending to regularly drive in conditions where your car may roll, like 4x4 trails or unpaved roads. Additionally, if you are interested in high-speed or drag racing, you may be required to have a roll bar installed to compete. However, be sure to check what modifications you can legally make to your car and if it will be street-legal, before installing a roll bar.


Get Your Roll Bar Today!

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