Bull Bar Buyer’s Guide - What Bull Bar Brand to Choose?

Author: PX Wholesales   Date Posted: 9 October 2020 

ISUZU Bull bar


Bullbars may look great on SUVs, but it’s not a recommended accessory for everyone. A great way to determine this is knowing exactly where and how you use your vehicle. If you’re someone who uses your vehicle mainly to enjoy the great outdoors or someone who lives and drives primarily outside the city, then bull bars are essentially something you should consider and invest in. It’s not just about looking aesthetically pleasing but also, functioning as well. Adding a bull bar to your vehicle can help with a lot of things.

They are excellent protection for you and your car should there be any collision with pretty much everything. As well as, it could also act as a high mount where you can attach several important off-road pieces of equipment such as LED Spotlights, winches, and antennas. But no matter what, should you be planning on fitting a bull bar to your vehicle, remember that there are several requirements and guidelines you are required to follow including that of the Australian Design Rule 42/04 General Safety Requirements and the Australian Standard AS 4876.1.

So now, how do you choose which bull bar to buy?

There are many great brands you can choose from. And in this guide, we list down some of the most trusted bull bar brands in the market, making your choice easier for you.

ARB Bull Bars 

Manufacturing since the 1970s, ARB bullbars have been leading the market with their well-engineered designs and have continued producing some of today’s best frontal protection in the market. They produce a complete range of steel designs as well as an increased production of aluminium designs, crafting them thoroughly to provide customers with only the best. They consider factors such as vehicle design, crush rate, airbag deployment, strength, weight, accessory fitment, and aesthetics, among other things before any ARB bullbar goes into production. They assess each vehicles’ frontal crush characteristics and replicate the crush rate in each of their designs, ensuring that ARB bull bars are compatible. Additionally, each model of ARB bull bars is specifically created to complement and to fit your car’s overall aesthetic perfectly.
Among their finest and superbly engineered bull bars include the summit bull bars that feature 12 high-intensity yellow LEDs and four white LEDs to provide an increased light output for all conditions. This is perfect for 4x4s like a Ford Ranger Wildtrak and any ARB bull bar for Hilux. Arb also produces the famous Sahara bars that pioneered the multi-fold upswept and tapered wings, which provides excellent strength and maintains an optimum approach angle. Vehicles like a Landcruiser series and the Amarok bull bar can benefit from this greatly. If you are looking for ARB bullbar for sale, an ARB summit bar and ARB bullbar mounting kit then check them out here. ARB bull bar price varies.

Hamer Bull Bars

Starting from humble beginnings 25 years ago, Hamer 4X4 has been designing and distributing high quality and well-designed four-wheel-drive accessories. They have ingrained themselves in the community to have a better understanding of what the market needs, resulting in them providing a better service and product. Although they offer a more comprehensive range of 4x4 accessories like their rear bars, they are still very famous for the Hamer bull bars. Most Toyota Hilux owners can attest to a great many features Hamer bull bars provide. In Hamer, a bull bar for Hilux is ADR approved and manufactured from a thick steel plate and designed to allow airflow to the radiator. Some of its features include high lift jacking points, winch compatible, airbag compliant, and has LED fog lights, indicators, daytime running lights and position lights.

MCC Bull Bars

MCC 4x4 has been a major four-wheel-drive equipment manufacturer and distributor since 1999. They have been continuously developing new innovative products providing superior quality and design to enhance any 4WD performance. They have three types of MCC bull bars: Phoenix bull bars, Falcon bull bars, and the rocker bull bars. All three types of MCC bullbars are ADR approved and have features including airbag and winch compliant, hijacking mounts, and made of durable design. Only the Falcon Bullbars have the aluminium option along with the stainless steel and black steel options. MCC bull bars for Ford Ranger is an excellent example of a vehicle that would fit best with all the MCC bull bar types.

AFN Bull Bars

AFN Bull Bar for Ford RangerAFN 4x4 Australia was founded in 1995 and has been established as a specialist when it came down to accessories for both on and off-road vehicles. As the sibling company of AFN Portugal that specializes in military vehicle protection, AFN expanded into providing safety for private cars along with an aesthetically pleasing design.

All AFN bullbars are ADR tested and approved, and produced with the best looking and toughest protective components for all 4x4 vehicles. They are proud of how they approach things differently.

For a manufacturer who takes great value and consideration with the natural design of a vehicle, you can be assured that your car fitted with an AFN bull bar will have a great balance of strength, overhung weight and aesthetic. Some of the popular vehicles that can fit their products are AFN Bull bar for Amarok, Hilux bull bar, and Ford Rangers.

EFS Bullbar

EFS has been researching, developing, and designing 4X4 accessories for over 20 years now. They have been manufacturing high-quality designs that are all tried and tested, including bull bars, rear bars, etc. EFS bull bars are made from 63 mm steel tube – making it tougher and up to heavy-duty work, are winch compatible, have lower bullbar bash plates, twin aerial mounts and CNC headlight infill trims. Their EFS Adventure series premium steel bullbars are one of their most popular lines of steel bullbars that are a great fit to Toyota Hiluxes, Ford Rangers, Toyota Land Cruisers, Nissan D40s, and Mitsubishi Tritons. And all are ADR approved and meet the airbag safety regulations.

Shoreline Bullbar

Shorleline Bull BarShoreline 4x4 is one of the latest ones to come into the market, having started only in 2008. But this doesn’t mean that the products they manufacture aren’t at par with the ones who have been long in this game.

They provide their manufactured high-quality products at the best price. Their SLX Extreme Series is an excellent line of products that works best in the great Australian conditions.

These Shoreline bullbars are designed and constructed from 8mm steel for the main winch cradle and supported by 3mm steel side wings; along with a standard bash plate that covers back to the transmission; and includes recovery and winch mounts, and LED fog lights as a standard. With all of these features, you will be able to replace your front bumper entirely and will be confident of getting out even in the stickiest situations.

The SLX bull bars are great for 4x4 vehicles including Toyota Hiluxes, Ford Rangers, Izuzu Dmaxes, Mitsubishi Tritons, and Nissan Navaras.

PIAK Bull Bars

PIAK has been producing car accessories since 1981 in Klaeng, Rayong Province in Thailand. But it was only in 1992 where they found their passion and expanded in off-road vehicles and started designing and manufacturing protection equipment for the market. And today, they produce and export one of the best bull bars to countries like Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc. With its significant amount of strength and design in mind, the PIAK Premium bull bars can fully replace your front bumper and the need for a bumper cut. Their non-loop PIAK bull bars are engineered to enhance protection for a while maximizing the style. In contrast, their traditional post style PIAK bull bars are designed to look stylish while maximizing protection. Although PIAK is known for producing Jeeps for more than ten years now, the PIAK bull bars can fit most 4X4 vehicles including Mazda BT50s, Mitsubishi Tritons, Izuzu Dmaxes, Nissan Navaras, and even Pajero Sports.

Rival Bullbars

Rival 4x4 has only been in the off-road vehicle market since 2006. This Russian based company though has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the market. With their modern high-tech production facility, they’re able to design and produce some of the world’s toughest 4x4 accessories. The Rival Bullbars are designed to fit comfortably in any 4x4 vehicle and are produced to replace the vehicle’s bumper bar completely. They continue to research and develop products to provide the best bull bars with excellent strength and protection without the disadvantages that usually occur when using steel bars.
They are ADR approved, so you know that they are capable of handling whatever Australia’s great outdoors gives them even with the lightweight Rival bull bars. They also have accessories that include winches, LED lights, and bash plates that are made compatible with any of the Rival bull bars so that you won’t have a hard time looking for other parts. Rival bull bars can fit perfectly in several 4x4 vehicles such as Volkswagen Amaroks, Ford Rangers and Everests, Toyota Hiluxes, Nissan Navaras, and Mitsubishi Tritons.

PX Wholesales

When it comes to bull bars, there are several great brands you can choose from that would perfectly fit your 4X4 vehicle. Whatever bull bar needs or concerns you have, we here at PX Wholesales will accommodate and help you every step of the way. With years of experience in the wholesale automotive industry, you will be assured that all products are hand-selected and tested by us, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re investing your money on. We only offer the highest quality at the best prices from the best brands out in the market.
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