4x4 Suspension Kits: Can They Improve Your Off-Road Vehicle’s Capabilities?

Author: PX Wholesales   Date Posted: 4 August 2022 

Dreaming of an off-road adventure, but unsure if your 4WD can handle it? A 4x4 suspension lift kit might be the solution you’ve been looking for! These handy modification kits can make your treks into unknown terrain far safer, as well as more manageable and comfortable. However, there are downsides to the 4x4 suspension kits that you should be aware of before you commit to this accessory. As amazing as the lift kits are, you should only modify your 4WD if it will serve to fulfil your specific purposes.


What Does a 4x4 Suspension Kit Do?

The suspension lift kit is a modification done to a 4x4 vehicle in order to raise its height by a few centimetres. This helps give your car increased ground clearance and therefore improve its off-road performance. With this modification, your 4WD will be able to accommodate larger wheels and tyres, and better avoid obstacles on the ground.


What Are the Benefits of Having a 4x4 Suspension Kit?


Increased Clearance Wherever You Go

The most direct result and obvious benefit of a 4x4 suspension kit is that it gives your vehicle increased clearance — that is, increased space between the undercarriage of the car and the road’s surface. This benefit means that you’re more equipped to drive over damaged streets or rough off-road tracks.


Improved Vision to Better See the Lay of the Land

Since the car is higher off the ground, it provides better visibility to drivers and passengers. This feature gives you a better chance of seeing potential dangers ahead. It also allows you to enjoy an improved view of the surrounding countryside, making it a huge asset to road trips and off-road adventures.


Opens Up Space for Larger Tyres for Better Performance

Once your vehicle is lifted, you will have the room to install larger tyres that were specifically designed to take on rough terrain. These tyres have an impressive grip that can withstand even rutted trials and deep mud. Bigger tyres are also impressive and deliver a generally better performance.


Lets You Take on Tough Terrain

With a 4x4 suspension kit comes higher clearance, improved traction and access to larger wheels. All these features combine to create a vehicle that can take on even the roughest tracks. Drive through rivers, climb up sand dunes and trek across steep hills with your new-and-improved 4WD.


Smoother Rides Every Time

Driving an off-road track with a whole lot of cargo in your car can be a fun but uncomfortable experience. Fortunately, 4x4 suspension kits offer a solution to this problem. This will make your transition to bumpier, more hazardous terrain seamless and far more comfortable.


Easier Access to Your Vehicle’s Underbody

Should you ever need to inspect or fix your car, having easier access to the underbody will make your life much easier. This is especially valuable if you’re unsure about tight spaces or don’t have the luxury of a well-appointed workshop.


Helps With Towing & Hauling

4x4 vehicles with suspension kits are far more effective and efficient at towing than most other vehicles. This feature is convenient for everyday use but also hugely beneficial when you take extended trips with your boat or caravan.


What Are the Disadvantages of Having a 4x4 Suspension Kit?


Raises Your Car’s Centre of Gravity

When you install a 4x4 suspension lift, your chances of rolling the vehicle increase significantly. This isn’t to say that lift kits are dangerous — as we’ve already mentioned, there are many reasons why these modifications are a safety feature. It is important, however, that you don’t make your vehicle too high off the ground. You should lift your vehicle enough to fit the tyres you desire, but anything higher than this is unnecessary.


Larger Tyres Aren’t Always the Answer

We know what you’re thinking — aren’t larger tyres one of the main reasons why people choose 4x4 suspension lifts in the first place? Well, yes, but there are some downsides to having larger tyres that everyone should be aware of. Big tyres can slow your car down. This may be just a little or it may be a lot, depending on their size. It’s also important to note that the speedometer, trip meter and odometer will never be as accurate as it was before the 4x4 suspension lift. For many vehicles, going up a tyre size means that your gauges are out by 10%.


Inhibits Braking Capacity & Sensitivity

Large tyres can also be a hindrance to your braking capacity, which is a significant safety concern. When driving your modified vehicle, be aware that the brakes might not be as sensitive as they once were and take this into account whether on-road or off-road.


Increases Stress on Your 4x4’s Driveline

In order to operate larger tyres, every element of your 4WD has to work harder. This places more stress on your driveline and makes you more likely to break a CV, bust a diff or damage your steering components.


Reduces Your Fuel Economy on Short & Long Trips

As you might expect, the engine of your 4WD has to work harder and consume more fuel in order to support bigger tyres.


Lift Kits Can Make Your 4WD Illegal for Road Use

If you’re not careful, it’s possible to accidentally lift your car so high and add so much weight to it that it becomes illegal for road use. If your 4WD is illegal and you get involved in an accident, you are vulnerable to a whole new world of potential risks. Even if your 4WD is legal, you might find that with a suspension kit, police are more likely to pull you over to inspect the modifications. Finally, consider that suspension kits can make 4WDs illegal for a good reason. If they’re not installed responsibly, they can actually hinder safety rather than improve it.


How to Get the Most Out of Your 4x4 Suspension Kit

While the downsides of 4x4 suspension kits might sound overwhelming, they are only really relevant when car owners take these modifications too far. We strongly advise that you only choose to transform your car with lift kits when it’s necessary. If you’re regularly careening over sand dunes, climbing over hills, towing caravans or boats and venturing into untamed, off-road territory, then a 4x4 suspension kit is both practical and necessary for your safety. In this case, we simply encourage you to try and refrain from making your vehicle too high or giving it excessive amounts of weight. We also advise you to be aware of the safety concerns and always drive with extra caution.


Wondering Where to Find First-Rate 4x4 Suspension Kits?

Overall, 4x4 suspension kits are a fantastic asset to your 4WDs. So long as you are responsible with your modifications and cautious during off-road adventures, you can enjoy the numerous benefits associated with these revolutionary lift kits. For sturdy and reliable 4x4 suspension kits, visit PX Wholesales’ online store today!