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Al-Ko’s Unique Hands Free Off Road Pin Coupling: Hands free hitching and one touch unhitching
It couldn’t be easier, lower the coupling onto the pin.
AL-KO’s unique CLICK LOCK system automatically double locks without user interaction keeping your hands free when hitching. In addition there are no loose parts, levers or dust caps that can break off, It really is a game changer.

Click LockTM For Hands Free Safe Hitching: The Off road Pin Coupling Features CLICK LOCK technology – A patent pending system from AL-KO that facilitates hands free hitching and one touch unhitching.

Off Road Performance: Allows the vehicle combination to overcome steep departure, ramp over or declines at the same time as alternating off camber sections.

Unlimited Articulation: Extreme articulation (vertically and horizontally) suitable for extreme off road towing. Overcomes the articulation limitations of the traditional ball coupling.

Lowest Profile: At 83mm AL-KO Pin Coupling is ideal for vehicles with barn door style tailgates

Durable Design: Tough zinc plated metal components. Built for serious off-road use.

Can Be Retrofitted: Suitable to install to existing caravans with standard couplings.



1. Mounting AL-KO XPC-1 Tow Pin on Tow Hitch
Fit tow pin to tow hitch with supplied spring washer and 7/8” UNF nut and torque to 480Nm (355lb-ft).

2. Mounting AL-KO XPC-1 Tow Coupling onto Drawbar

 Use four M12 Class 8.8 or ½ inch Grade 5 Bolts to attach the tow coupling to the drawbar.
 Bolts should be fastened with either nyloc nuts or plain nuts with spring washers.
 Bolts should be of an appropriate length to ensure 100% thread engagement of the nut.
 At least one full thread must protrude past the nut.
 Please consult your bolt supplier to determine the recommended tightening torque of bolts.

Check that the there is enough clearance on the tow hitch – refer to diagram below. Some tow hitch designs are not compatible with the off-road coupling.
A nose load of at least 50kg but not exceeding 350kg is required.

3. How to Hitch

  • Ensure the Pin Cover has been removed from the tow pin.
  • Raise the coupling by using the jockey wheel so it is higher than the tow pin. Ensure the red lid is pressed down and the button is in (No green showing on the indicator button).
  • Align the tow coupling opening over the pin by moving trailer and/or vehicle.
  • Lower the tow coupling onto the tow pin using the jockey wheel.
  • Once the tow coupling is fully seated on the pin, the coupling automatically double locks. Ensure the green indicator on the button is showing.
  • When the green indicator is showing and the base of the tow coupling head sits over the tow pin, the tow coupling is locked on to the tow pin.

4. How to Unhitch

  • Push and hold down red lid.
  • While holding down red lid, push in red button until it remains depressed.
  • Raise the tow coupling by using the jockey wheel until clear of tow pin.
  • Re-cover the tow pin with the supplied pin cover.

5. Maintenance

Regularly flush tow coupling head with water to remove any dirt ingress which might impact function.
Grease the shaft by pumping multi purpose grease into the grease nipples at the front and rear of the body until a small amount if grease appears from each end of the shaft - see diagram below.

6. Weight Distribution Hitches (WDH)

On-road use: The tow coupling can be used with weight distributions hitches for on-road use, providing the coupling’s movement is not restricted by the WDH.
Off-road use: Prior to using the tow coupling in an off-road scenario, any WDH or other load levelling devices must be removed, as the off-road coupling is designed for applications which require a large amount of articulation and may interfere with the WDH or other load levelling device.

7. Coupling Dimensions:

8. Ratings:

Both tow coupling and tow pin are rated to a maximum ATM of 3500 kg and nose load of 350 kg.

Tow XPC-1 tow coupling is ADR 62/01 and 62/02 compliant.




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